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1. Record URL in after SUBMIT

2. File Upload not working with Field Rules

3. Search Issues - Please, enter search keyword.

4. new window

5. Backup if MyTaskHelper closes in the future


7. Temporary remove database access to logged in users

8. Relational Web Database Builder

9. Grouping Dating/Creating Relationships

10. URL Link onform

11. Proof of concept

12. Time Sheets

13. Linking multiple fields between forms

14. Linking multiple fields between forms

15. Charts

16. New Records

17. How to bring up records from another table?

18. Making a pie chart from my database?

19. Team Member Access


21. FIELD size

22. photos

23. Integration with Google Calendar

24. Multi-input with autocomplete

25. In-place editing in table for related fields

26. I have not received the activation link for my new account.

27. Business proposal for Mr. Petrushenko Igor consideration.

28. Form Question

Closed topics

1. PDF Reports

2. Signature field type

3. Google Drive and Google Sheets

4. How can I make it so all administrator-level users are able to edit charts?

5. Today as a Constant for Formulas


1. We hope this forum will be without topics at all

2. We will try to handle every request

3. Where are you from?

4. Teaming

5. Export of Databases data

6. Add autoincrement field

7. Setting encoding characters upon export (so that it works with Eastern Europe languages)

8. Searching

9. It would be exellent if we customize the look of the form

10. Сustomize the look of form for user of the database

11. Allow creation of checkboxes for record search

12. forgatten password link

13. Way to filter the database without user intervention ? One database... different views ?

14. Owner of account should be able to approve/disapprove additions to database before they are added.

15. Reference number and automated emails

16. Локалізація мов

17. You can't use a blank keyword search

18. You can't use a blank keyword search

19. Field data results dependent on previous field data selection?

20. Advanced Customisation/ Design

21. Add a Table to the Form

22. How to simplify big forms

23. Security

24. Highlight web form fields and attaching files to forum posts

25. Backup database with web forms

26. Submitting form with files and showing download indicator

27. Video tutorials

28. Several locales for integrated widgets

29. Securing database and web form using password protection

30. Using the Hebrew fonts and encoding

31. Providing users info based my account

32. Create maps based on data in the database tables

33. Створювання карт на основі данних з таблиці даних

34. How do I stop mytaskhelper emailing the account every time I insert a new record?

35. exporting and importing data from and into excell

36. How to create Google Map and integrate it to my site

37. How to make you read only database, everyone can search database but not modify it

38. Sorting database search results and some other features

39. How to disable Flash file or image uploading

40. I can't receive emails from MyTaskHelper.com

41. How can I upload file(s) to forum topics?

42. How to hack MyTaskHelper?

43. Insert URL Fields

44. Approve multiple records in one click

45. How to move my Excel database to the web?

46. Close The Form/Browser After click on Submit Button

47. Searchable Time Stamp

48. Copy a Form Builder?

49. Sort filters in database widget

50. Exporting database from database widget

51. Create a separate web form

52. Importing

53. Lines

54. Find & Replace

55. Links

56. Set default date to "today"

57. Is it possible to link tables?

58. Search Counts

59. Updating records

60. Finding Duplicates

61. Top Row remans static

62. User and Password Protected Form

63. Email Field

64. Nationality Dropdown List

65. Currency Dropdown List

66. Manage project in a group menu

67. enable the url link on the database widget's single view

68. Report Embedded

69. Hide Entries from Database Widgets View

70. Filter Search its better not in a -case sensitive-

71. Project ban

72. Phone No. Validation

73. Messages via SMS

74. Data Updates via Cell Phone

75. On-demand Backup

76. On-demand Restore

77. Sorting wth 2 sets of fields

78. Nepali

79. Navigation after update

80. changing table size in database widget

81. Records - Page No. - Not Working

82. Member - Export/Import

83. Disable a Field

84. Initial Value

85. Mass Update - All / Subset

86. ZIP

87. Boolean

88. Auto-Sequence

89. Import from XLS/CSV File

90. Re-Import After Relationship

91. Change Form Name

92. Date format for Birthday

93. MAP - Missing Points + Incorrect Markers

94. Concatenate Values of 2 Fields

95. Map API per Address

96. Requied Value for "is not empty"

97. Can only specify 1 search criteria

98. Record - Copy

99. Joins

100. Drop-down Field in Reference Table

101. Export not = Backup

102. Disabled Field - pushes down other Descriptions

103. Add "NOT" for search criteria

104. Drop-down Field & Search

105. Search on Drop-down Field

106. Members

107. Column Heading

108. Row Heading

109. Added User - Deleted - Want "Invite"

110. User's Name on Team List

111. Drop-down for Ref. Table not Labeled in Edit

112. Ref. Table Drop-downs on Records Page - Show "Not Linked"

113. Online (but not ecommerce) Order Process

114. Current Widget - Too Short

115. Date Format

116. Drop-down menu look-up

117. In line Entry of Table Data

118. Database Widget

119. Relationship Drop-down

120. Redirect to new webpage

121. Search is highly case sensitive

122. Create a link or embed code for a filtered view

123. Filtering suggestion

124. Descriptions/User Instructions

125. Relationship Drop-down Function

126. Setting Table Field Sizes

127. Integrating form in Website

128. Update existing entries via import (match on record ID)

129. Sortable database relationship column headers

130. Create a Default Option to Repeat the last record

131. Time functions

132. Auto-complete functions-users to add values to the default list?

133. Captcha

134. File download

135. Mapping

136. Forum Topic Search

137. Showing Import Progress status while importing XLS or CSV database

138. File Upload

139. How to change Form Field Type, Field Name or Form Name

140. URL or hyperlink field

141. Linking Fields and drop down menu from different form

142. Other websites using mytaskhelper

143. How to disable columns on integrated database

144. Does MyTaskHelper require every user to pay?

145. How to remove QuintaDB link

146. How to add CAPTCHA (simple and ReCaptcha) to web-form

147. Label placement property for Edit Mode

148. "Target" setting in URL field

149. Option to hide "View" collumn in online module

150. Total of the Column calculation automated

151. Pagination Link

152. No "All Records" link in View mode

153. Total for formula Field

154. Formula field Align function

155. How to add LOGO to my web form or database

156. How to redirect to some other page and show custom message after form submission

157. Redirections for online Edit mode

158. Show Total at the bottom of the column

159. field inputs in a auto response email

160. Charts

161. MTH link showing on my forms

162. lose https when viewing uploaded file

163. Pagination Options

164. Editable/non-Editable Database Links

165. Add New Record link

166. can't see below items on pop up while editing forms

167. Database Password

168. Having problems importing records

169. How to create a 5 column report?

170. Database Time Zone

171. how do you turn off inline images?


173. Javascript not working on my form

174. How to migrate from DabbleDB or InfoDome to MyTaskHelper

175. Rating System and Comments

176. Security by Form - too much hassle now

177. field missing from update

178. Delete a View

179. Formula

180. Options to add fields gone

181. Filtered results embed code

182. Location field type

183. Account in QuintaDB

184. How to enable Created at, Updated at, IP and unique ID columns in your table

185. Updated at column

186. How to add IP column to the table

187. Entry ID number (internal)

188. Field Description Problem

189. Paste choice into pick-list

190. How to embed web form using iframe

191. How to use Regular Expressions in QuintaDB

192. Printing Records

193. How to pay in QuintaDB

194. How to remove all records

195. How to remove field and web form from database

196. How to resize columns

197. Show Hide Columns in Saved Views

198. Change Default to Edit Default

199. Holiday discounts for MyTaskHelper service

200. Duration

201. Customizable Record View Not Working

202. Different style button for downloads

203. How to reset password

204. chronological order?



207. Default value for DropDown field type

208. Website not showing in url column

209. How to truncate long text

210. Resizing database results table

211. Sorting database table by date

212. CSS to create table for checkbox section

213. Save record

214. Search for Mulitple Criteria on Same Column

215. Adding a new note from my main form

216. How to reorder reports

217. Can't see all columns

218. Show records per page

219. How to remove report in QuintaDB

220. How to export data to PDF

221. Image field type options

222. New MyTaskHelper features

223. Search

224. How to insert image into URL field type

225. How to send confirmation email to form submitter

226. How to reorder form fields

227. Images to view in Records

228. Data security

229. How to enable the "allow end user edit database records" feature

230. Export to PDF does NOT get emailed

231. PDF Export - No "Table" View + Missig Field

232. Query by Requester

233. Update on single row not working

234. How to change database iframe size and database table size

235. New features updates

236. Alphabetize Multiple Columns

237. Today filter, search, grouping

238. Subdomains

239. A bug when using the formula field

240. How to see your own topics

241. search page

242. How to change date format

243. Email notification

244. Search by drop down field

245. Deleting multiple records slowdown

246. Remove Duplicates

247. Re-sort all columns

248. Team module improvements

249. Views not working

250. Field rules in Submit To form

251. Default image in Submit to form

252. Editting checkbox

253. Custom URL for form

254. QuintaDB Examples

255. Iframe in IE and not only

256. Database Field Name

257. Multiple update deletes records

258. Automatic Backup

259. Email notifications about updated records to form submitter

260. Checkboxes and formula field

261. Average at the bottom

262. Change font size In reports

263. Format numbers

264. Column alignment

265. Sub Forms

266. Multiple select dropdown

267. Upload File Field Appearance

268. Group and filter by lookup field

269. Sort after Grouping

270. Export as Excel

271. Multiple select dropdown quit working

272. Time Fields

273. Relationship (filtered)

274. Mobile applications

275. Advance Multiple Select and Dynamic Forms

276. Move Edit/Delete

277. Feature Request

278. Duplicate A Form

279. Multiple Line Field issue

280. URL Field in Single Line Field

281. Multiple Issues with Formula Field

282. Widget Font Issue

283. Duplicate Form Integration into new projects

284. Print Form

285. Formula Field

286. Images in Formula Field Relational Database

287. Multiple fields on Multiple lines.

288. Reducing gap when using CSS class name.

289. Horizontal Radio Buttons

290. Create the field with blank name

291. Empty Widget View allowing Search

292. Monthly Updates!

293. Does anything need to be installed to run MTH?

294. Suggest here

295. Duplicate Form Redirect

296. Limited Selection

297. Blank Duplicates with Verification Set

298. Disabled single line text fields no longer write default data.

299. Date Field Bug

300. Graphic into a Formula Field

301. Bug in Duplicate form field titles

302. Bug in disabled dropdown field

303. Issues with Date Field

304. Checkboxes appearing incorrectly in records

305. Access form offline

306. Vertical Adjustment of Record View

307. Total Field

308. Bug in DMTHML Editing.

309. Field with the some name!!

310. Bug in Search parameter Dropdown.

311. my domain

312. ftp

313. Arabic language

314. Bug in Field Rules

315. Excel adding decimal and time stamps to Imports.

316. possible relationship?

317. field value generation

318. Formula Field Date Issue

319. Default Setting for Relationships

320. Formula Field Record View URL

321. Read only

322. account not valid

323. Bug in new record widget view

324. Global Update Records Function

325. Android App Language Additions.

326. Non Profit Companies

327. Date Sorting Not working?

328. Formula and Date Issue

329. Promising... but????

330. Widget View. CLEAR ALL

331. Widget View. SEARCH

332. Meta links and Source Code

333. Multiple Record Creation

334. Formula issue with other table relations

335. Relational database request

336. Formula fields - images and record view mode

337. Display Database on Mobile Device

338. Numbers in formula

339. Change saved search criteria

340. Line Colours in Online Database Table

341. E-mail Reminders

342. Email notification

343. Default Value box not big enough

344. Search with boolean criteria does not work

345. Change form field type designation

346. How to insert YouTube video

347. Add onSubmit-event

348. Login Query Engine

349. edit record with drop down field data

350. SMALL PROBLEM (not urgent)

351. Relationships didn't copied

352. Clone Project small issues

353. Excel file doesn't contain relationship columns

354. HTTP/HTTPS issue

355. Sort widget

356. Back link missing

357. Square root for Formula

358. Default Date

359. Sorting and Pagination issues

360. Adding window failed

361. Column order

362. Read,write and not delete

363. Radio Button + Rule + Edit

364. Print Variables

365. Login Query Engine

366. Login Query Engine

367. Same row text and field

368. Resize images

369. Date Format

370. Duplicate charts

371. Column Totals

372. Merge Duplicates

373. Column Data, Fill Down

374. Enable Attachments and embedded images

375. Upgrade forum view

376. Hierarchical pick-lists

377. Document and upgrade forum markup codes

378. SQL Bulk-updates for records

379. Show and allow sort by vote counts

380. Breadcrumbs

381. Multi-sort

382. Add formatting to Formula fields

383. Create full change logging and field history

384. Set State to Null

385. Allow nullable types

386. Newsletter Email

387. Email Newsletter - include related records

388. Form "Stacking" In E-Mail

389. Mobile Friendly pages

390. Do not include any data in Email(option)

391. Where is the "REST API" page?

392. Rename form

393. FTP time

394. Relationship Issues

395. Import Function - Mal Function

396. Pagination and design glitch

397. Trouble with big databases

398. Project Name

399. User activity Tracking

400. Delete Function Prompt

401. email tasks

402. Partnership with MyTaskHelper

403. Leave Field Blank and Return Later

404. Multiple Sources For Relationship

405. List Box Type Functionality

406. Import Not Working

407. Email Form to Third Party

408. Reminder Emails

409. Trouble With Dynamic Form

410. Search Function

411. Copy Field Content to Another Form

412. Can I collect GPS information from mobiles?

413. iFrame Not Working in iOS 8.1

414. Fickle Form

415. Edit Not Updating

416. Column Width

417. Multiple Column Drop Down

418. Question on Maps

419. One Record Updating, Another Not?

420. Button

421. Now

422. Same Database - Two Views

423. PDF/XLS export not working

424. Column Sorting Issue

425. Refresh captcha

426. check for email when "Allow End User Edits" enabled

427. emails

428. Update?

429. Jump to another form

430. clone DB with relationships

431. Web Search Widget Errors

432. Migrate data from Zoho Creator

433. Create reports?

434. Different Views

435. Field type Signature

436. Hmmm - Required Entry

437. Time Control Request

438. Unwanted Empty Column in Form

439. Field Rule

440. Google Maps

441. Import status emails: receive email when database updated

442. Various Issues All Day - Now cant search

443. All Linked Fields Are Blank

444. Database search widget change

445. Database search widget - compatibility with IPhone and Mac

446. MTH ads

447. persian language and right to left

448. integration with word press

449. Credit card payment

450. Widgets examples

451. Relational databases for different cases

452. Forms, Users, Records?

453. Random ID #

454. Search within PDF

455. Presenting a report to users not allowed to edit

456. manage our project profile online on website

457. How I can integrate database with our website

458. Customer login/profile updates counted as Users?

459. Trying to build a database

460. user limitation

461. Setup a relational database

462. Importing records with a relationship field

463. Streamlining Design Requests

464. My Form


466. filter view of data

467. URL is limiting

468. Bug between my records

469. Database with URL fields and Search

470. The software as I use it is freeware?

471. Extend trial or switch to Free account

472. link between two forms

473. My Account Suspended

474. Enforce Entry in Relationship Fields

475. form widget based on form vs form report

476. Accounts Payable

477. Password Protect or User/Account Login for Sites

478. Forms to Tables

479. Cant Find Information On Format (regular expression)

480. Move Created At Field On Table

481. Report Shows Created At on MTH but not on Iframe Output

482. export to excel from table widget

483. report widget no results

484. Message in Response To Incorrect Inputs

485. Copying existing csv database to MTH and creating a table for my website page

486. Chart Not Behaving as Expected

487. Software management tool

488. User's manual

489. Visibility of field

490. Entry Required in Linked Field

491. Ability to Drag Fields

492. Form Structure Varies

493. information about CMS + store

494. Merge Two Tables to Report?

495. Form Field in Email Heading

496. Caspio, forms, tables, videos

497. e-mail notifications

498. I am volunteering with a not for profit

499. Signed Up!


501. Change the button

502. Questions about the google map widget

503. form with a search button

504. Specific Questions about security and others minute details.

505. Problem with importing CSV file to create a Table/Form

506. Pencil Icon Size

507. Relational data

508. Androide mobile

509. Records updated email

510. Limit Date Acceptance on a Form

511. publish online

512. In-place editing to speed up data entry and record appends

513. Files cannot be retrieved from file server

514. Cascade

515. Drop down list

516. Dutch translation in exchange for enterprise account?

517. default value coming back when editing

518. Testing newsletter + import procedure

519. Check Box

520. Warning in numeric field

521. Search Zip Database

522. Mail

523. Form entry drop downs width is small

524. Formatting of Forms

525. Pricing

526. queries

527. Charts - Left to Right

528. Formula Help

529. Couple of quick Qs before signing up for paid plan

530. Date formats

531. Reports

532. Geting data of related data

533. Manually set widget table's column size

534. Image fields & formula option

535. Drop-down fields and look-up tables

536. Compulsory Hidden Check Box - Stops Form Processing

537. Marketplace solution

538. Conditional Logic for Non-Attendance

539. Cant add this report?

540. Replace our access database

541. Help please - web page query form + display record

542. Odd Change in Behaviour

543. Your SaaS product

544. Searching question

545. User login

546. Old Values in Email notifications

547. Is it possible to upload an excel file as template for exporting?

548. Can't receive form backup email

549. Can I create pie charts?

550. Is it able to search using the system generated updated or created timestamp as criteria?

551. Sending copy of filled out form to user

552. Back up

553. Linked column order

554. Formula on form and in field rules

555. Special Character Display Issue (like '<' or '>')

556. Rich text input

557. Instructions for fields

558. About exclusive editing control

559. data import

560. Modify existing report's search condition

561. Editing long content in in-line editing popup

562. Received 401 Unauthorized response with REST request

563. Changing display column name

564. import excel files

565. Fetch report records REST API

566. How to cancel account?

567. How to change field type

568. Does MyTaskHelper HIPAA compliant online database and web form builder?

569. New user, first form

570. Edit option

571. how do I

572. Forms Behaving Oddly

573. MyTaskHelper examples

574. Bad Setting I Assume

575. Can't select a choice from our linked list

576. Scripting to cascade data from related records

577. Link 2 forms together, Linking between projects, relationships.

578. form widget page break

579. Controlling Column Size

580. Where is data shown?

581. Filtered Results Embed Code

582. spelling in interface

583. Direct translation

584. Linking forms

585. Need Assistance

586. Display more/less records per page

587. Front end integration

588. Instructions to create a table and a form

589. Password item

590. page break - new page in form

591. Filter on report widget lost

592. Showing several columns

593. mutilple line field name

594. Forms

595. how to use these forms on webpage

596. Backup options and whitelabel branding

597. How to undo account suspension?

598. radio button - horizontal in stead of vertical

599. field enters field name instead of content

600. Fields have disappeared

601. export excel sends no excel file

602. Filtering drop-down menu by user

603. Two questions

604. Number field - validation

605. Send confirmation email to form submitter not working

606. MTH link removal & Android app

607. Sharing projects between accounts

608. Adding clickable links to forms

609. iPhone & Forms

610. Email Notification and Attachments

611. hyperlink in report widget

612. account deactivation

613. Auto-complete and email

614. I can't complete my form

615. Multi-input with auto-completion relationship field

616. Multi-select relationship field

617. Rules and Page Breaks

618. Search Form

619. Confirmation email

620. Login in an update form

621. I could not login to my profile to pay.

622. Added by filter

623. Lookup & Filtering

624. Getting rid of decimals in all numbered columns

625. Customization

626. Formatting Inquiries

627. Field editing

628. Read and Write Team members and Create Database button

629. Side by side fields

630. Drop down text color

631. End user to be able to update just some records

632. Form fonts after update

633. relationships

634. Text inherit

635. Location in form

636. Form date submission

637. Reports of specific records can't seem to be used as data sources for charts

638. possibility

639. Account upgrade

640. RE: Duplicate entries in database

641. table widget

642. uploaded files

643. Location error?

644. Access rights

645. getting started

646. record filtering by user

647. Alternative ways to invite and send user id info to new users

648. Is there a way to assign a row to someone and filter on that rather than than by Added By?

649. Formula: How many days between last updated date (or any given date) to today's date?

650. Pricing Plan

651. New company : purchasing MTH?

652. Download feature

653. Charts

654. Display more in table

655. Chart background

656. File Downloads Are WRONG

657. "Back" button and other issue

658. Unable to download charts

659. Calendar

660. Struggling to find tutorial Videos

661. Form Validation inquiry

662. Anyone Able To Help Me Build an MTH Databse


664. Why has my account been suspended?

665. Form widget different for a report based on a form

666. Annoyance With Created At

667. change email address

668. No activation link sent

669. Unsubscribe

670. Existing Form Integration

671. Sign up and login by phone number

672. Widgets

673. how to link two tables

674. Partner Relationship Opportunity

675. Can I link MTH to an existing external database

676. Add unique submission feature to relationship look-up field --

677. Improvement

678. Description Text

679. Import from excel

680. Form Share Links

681. Suspended Account

682. Haven't received a confirmation email

683. Possible to link fields from multiple forms into a single report?

684. Record level security

685. Editing from Records page

686. Stop empty cells from showing "empty"

687. Drop down menus and dates

688. Prices

689. form error

690. Site going slow

691. Email newsletters

692. Email reminders

693. Records display

694. Rule not working

695. 'Add' link on relationship fields

696. Can't seem to access the reports tab in one of my forms

697. email table

698. New admin cannot see records

699. Email Notifications

700. No activation link received

701. Reminder based on a date in the past

702. Pricing Database Solution

703. Problem with choice questions

704. Suspend Account

705. Free database?

706. I'd created a form, but need to query the data from a website.

707. Account locked out again on free account

708. My account is blocked

709. Arabic Lang

710. add teammembers to database

711. multiple relationships

712. Previous Page Next Page

713. Reminder

714. Data Protection EU

715. Offline use

716. Email notification problem 1

717. e-mail notification problem 2

718. Checkbox field creating multiple records

719. Send information from one form to different record tables depending on selection

720. Language Drop-down

721. MTH looks interesting - how do I process the data in tables?

722. Search function not working in table widget

723. Nonprofit

724. New Purchaser

725. Extracting, filtering and removing records using the REST API

726. Android app integration

727. Portal

728. Fields and data lost

729. Report View - How to?

730. Search from Portal View

731. Portal Customization

732. Record view opening in new tab

733. Reports

734. CRM

735. Wrong formula calculation

736. Dispatcher Calendar

737. Multiple data from linked table

738. Limit characters and/or words in text box

739. Controlled Access

740. Relationship


742. Can't be blank validation

743. conditional formatting?

744. I have a question - problem?

745. Add option to dropdown list

746. Add option to list

747. "Delete Option" hidden by "Advanced Options"

748. Functionality

749. Multiple Record

750. Account locked

751. HIPAA Compliance

752. forms

753. Trying to reach someone to ask a question in private

754. Account suspended?!

755. Need support

756. Moved form - lost data

757. User Login Logs

758. Billing

759. can i see a sample database

760. Scripts

761. Column header mismatch

762. How can I import data from xml files?

763. Activation Link?

764. Enable in-place editing in Table for all fields

765. Field Names in Table View

766. First Field in a Table

767. Hidden field option

768. Keep the previous selected relationship field

769. Portals

770. Security

771. PW controlled DB querry

772. Payment plan upgrade

773. Email Default Value vs Auto-Complete

774. How to embed a search widget

775. How to have Action triggers once, but not on all Record Edits?

776. Adding a team member

777. Upload image error

778. Scrolling through fields

779. Help Please

780. Forms

781. ms access forms