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November Update. Action (new field type), QuintaDB app on Zapier, Formula updates and more

The third autumn update on QuintaDB service

- QuintaDB app on Zapier service

This service allows you to connect your QuintaDB database with other apps and platforms.

The QuintaDB application has successfully passed the testing stage. To start the integration, just follow this link.

- Action

This feature will help you to perform complex tasks with less time spent. You can update several record's columns or send E-mail and SMS to selected addresses with just one click.

For more information read the article by this link. The video tutorial will appear on the site soon. Follow the news and subscribe to our YouTube channel.


- The Record detailed view for the Customer Portal users

Now you can choose which columns to show or hide from the user in the table and on the record detailed view page.

Go the Field level access page and choose which columns to hide:

- We've added possibility to set Record Owners using the Rules

- Search by Relationship columns has been improved

From 1 to 5 values in a column, then they will be displayed as Checkboxes.

And Dropdown list, If there are more than 5 values:

- Now it is possible to calculate the Sum and Average for a Time field of type

Also, the Time total and average export has been improved.


- A Formula field updates

  • Now it can generate QR and Barcode. You need to open the "Advanced Options" tab on the Formula field editing page and enable the 'Generate... ' option:

  • Now you can treat operands like: Year, Days and Hours. It will make easier to calculate the date and time values:

- Export improvements

  • Generated QR and Barcode as a picture export.
  • Images and Files from related tables export.


- We've added the option to treat values as a number to Radio button and Dropdown list fields

Enable this option to sort the numerical values in the table correctly (descending and ascending).

You can find it on the Field editing page:

- It became possible to update related records using the "Update multiple records" function


- Polish language for widgets

Go to the Table Widget menu and select a language in the "Other" section to translate navigation links and system messages:

Please note, the Form Widget language will also change:

- Some bugs and errors was fixed.