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May Updates. New languages, Formula improvements, New statistics and payment page

QuintaDB Updates May 2020

- New languages on QuintaDB

Here is a list of new languages:

To change the interface language open the "Settings" in the "Account" menu:

We strive to make the attractive multilingual service, so if you have the desire and opportunity to help with the service translation into a language other than English, please write to kari@quintadb.com


Also, you can translate your widgets into any of these languages. For example, you can leave the Table Widget in English, and translate the Report Widget into Spanish.

You can change the language in the Table Widget (Report) menu, "Design" tab, "Language" menu:

In the same way, you can translate Customer Portal and Calendar widgets.


- The Plans price currency has been changed

Please note that prices are quoted in Euros (€).

- 'Account', 'Settings', 'Payment & Statistics' pages design has been changed

The interface with tab navigation has become more user-friendly.

Account page:

Settings page:

Payment & Statistic page:

- "Add new record" button new position



This change doesn't apply to the mobile version.


- New record editing function

Now when you edit a record, you can immediately go to the next. And you do not need to return to the "Records" menu.

To do this, just click on the "Update and edit next" button:

- New Formula field settings editing interface

We replaced the radio buttons with a drop-down list, thus making the interface more convenient and ergonomic.



- Link to record view in the Customer Portal

We have added the ability to use the Formula field option "Link to record view" in the "Records" menu, Record Widget and in the Customer Portal.

Find out more by this link.

- Formula field as a date source in the Calendar

Now you can use the Formula field as a data source in the Calendar.

You can perform addition and subtraction operations with the Date field.

For example, create a formula that adds 5 days to the specified date. For the correct calculation, do not forget to treat operands as the "Days":

- Image in the "URL" field in the Record Widget

If you want to use the image by URL link in the Record Widget, please read the instructions here.


- E-mail notifications about form submission

When you create a new form, e-mail notifications are disabled by default. To enable notifications and configure the template, go to the "Notifications" menu:


- Please, notice, that starting from May 14 Team and Portal users limit for Free accounts will be 3, and for all paid users it will become unlimited.

- We improved service optimization. And fixed some bugs and errors