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How to make an Invoice

An example of creating an invoice using a Record template

We have a table with customer data and orders. You can read how to make a table with orders in the article about the Subform field.

The task is to create an invoice for the customers with the ability to print and save it in PDF.

Go to the Table widget menu:

Click on the Record tab and Create record template:

Here you can create your own template from scratch, edit the standard template or choose one of the ready-made mock-ups using html-constructor. For this example, we need an "Invoice" mock-up. Select it from the dropdown list:

The mock-up has loaded and now we can add the data from table to invoice.

To replace the logo, click on the picture and insert the link. Or you can remove the image and insert the HTML field name ("Image" field).

You can create a form with the 'File' or 'Image' field and upload it to the table. Then just copy the url to your file and paste:

To get the HTML field name, click on the "How to insert record data" link under the template. Select the column from the dropdown list and copy HTML field name to buffer:

Also, you can change the HTML field name right here. It is enough to enter a new name and click on the "Update" button:

Now replace the text in the template with HTML field names:

The result of the editing should look something like this:

Since our orders subform is rendered as a table, we need just to copy the "Order" HTML field name and paste it to the template. You can also change the contacts of your company below:

Save the template and select it from the list in the Record tab, the Table Widget menu:

An Invoice is ready!

Open your Table Widget and click on the "record view" button to see a Record Widget:

Now the invoice can be printed or saved as PDF. You can also share it by the link with your customers.

The record template can be used for the Report Widget too. This means that you can present the same data in a different design.

Tip #1: You can use a record template for a table with a Tile View.

Tip #2: You can add an invoice link to the table column

Create a Formula field:

Open the Formula field editing page and enable the "Link to Record View" option in the "Advanced options" tab:

Now you can view the invoice directly from the Records menu or in the Customer Portal:

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