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December updates. Full year-end roundup

What's new in QuintaDB. December 2022

Another year has come to an end. We traditionally sum up the results of the year and want to share with you new updates on the QuintaDB service.


What's new in QuintaDB

Full year-end roundup


What's new in QuintaDB

This month our developers have been focusing on a new interface. For now, we are excited to iterate towards a UX/UI front end experience that reflects the overall direction the service is heading. This includes reevaluating our UX/UI standards, including optimizing graphics, simplifying navigation, to boost workflow and expression. Additionally, this revamp will better prepare us for a more consistent look and functionality as we work towards future system experiences.
New inerface
The following will show the way our team see the user experience evolution. The change means that previous functionality wouldn't be missing. We’re looking at your feedback as we roll out this update.


New interface: User group and Default permissions

Creating a portal user group and default access rights for new portal users has become more convenient and easier to configure. In this video, you will see how the interface has changed:

New interface: Access rights, Search, Field level access

We didn't miss the opportunity to update the access rights settings interface for a user group. Including 'Field level access' and 'Search' settings.
New option Exclude from menu was added. This option allows you to hide the menu item from users, even if they have access rights. Watch this video to see the changes:


New interface: E-mail and SMS Notifications, Data export scheduling, 'Date' and 'Date and Time' fields new option

Notifications interface have also been changed. Now they are located in a separate tab on the 'Records' page. As before, you can use the left side menu to open 'Notifications' tab.
Creating a task for automatic data export has become more attractive with new sections.
New options for the 'Default' option, for the "Date" and "Date and time" fields. See more in this video:


New interface: Conditional formatting, Reminders, Newsletters scheduling

The pages for creating formatting rules, reminders, and tasks for newsletters automation have changed similarly:

Dashboard updates

The Dashboard settings page hasn't changed much. We successfully divided the page into two sections "Settings" and "Dashboard". Now in the 'Settings' section you will see a new Automatic update option. This option will allow you to set the page auto-refresh time. For example, you can show a dashboard on screens to keep track of any changes in real time.

Automatic update

New interface: Team module

By analogy with the portal user group, we have updated the interface for creating and managing a team members group:Team module access rights

Full year-end roundup

For our highest-priority goals, we experimented with more engaging ways to bring users along on the journey to sustainable service growth. What you’ll see here is a roundup of some of our most innovative experiences of 2022 from our team.

Highlights of 2022:

Thank you to all our amazing clients, we look forward to supporting you next year. Wishing you a healthy and happy 2023!


QuintaDB team