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How to set up E-mail or SMS confirmation

Step-by-step instruction

In this article, you will learn how to set up E-mail confirmation and verify the authenticity of the entered user's e-mail address.

Here are the challenges we'll solve:

1. Create a course enrollment form.
2. Check the relevance of the user's e-mail and sort the confirmed records in a separate table.

First, let's create a simple table with a list of available courses:
Table of available courses

Let's create a form "Sign up for a course". The form will contain the following fields: Name, Email (required)Relationship[1] field type to select a course and related columns: Curator, Start, Duration from the "Courses" table. Also, let's add a field of type "Radio button" with a choice of two options - "Confirmed" and "Not confirmed".

Course Enrollment Form
Now let's add an Action[2] field to the form.

Added "Action" field to the course enrollment form
Open the "Action" field editing page and create a task: Update the "Confirmation" (Radio button) column with the "Confirmed" value.
Set up a task for the Action field
The form is ready. Hide the "Confirmation" field from the user in the Form Widget menu - Fields tab.
Hide fields on the Form wifget
Using the left side menu open the Notifications menu. Here you need to activate the option Send confirmation email to form submitter[3]
and customize the email template.
Activating and editing a notification for a user
Select the email address field as the recipient. In the letter's body you can use the values from the record. For example, Name, Course, Start date, etc. To implement the task you need to copy the link to launch the action.
Setting up a confirmation email template
You can filter the records in the "Sign up for a course" table by the "Confirmation" column. Based on the search results, we will create a Report[4]. Thus, the report will include only those records that have the "Confirmed" value in the "Confirmation" column. Extra columns can be hidden using the "Columns" menu.
Creating a Report by Criteria
Fill out the form to verify:

Заполнение формы
The user receives a letter to his email address. Please note that all values are substituted correctly. The user needs to click on the link that starts the action.
Email with confirmation link
As a result, the record will be included in the required report. The generated report can be used for further work, as well as used for newsletters[5] based on it.
Report with confirmed record
Similarly, you can configure SMS confirmation[6]. Recommended to use the Phone field[7].

Useful links:

1. "Relationship" field and "Linked Columns"
2. "Action" field
3. E-mail confirmation based on email form field
4. Reports
5. Newsletters
6. SMS 
7. "Phone" field.