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Major summer update: Templates, Portal, Modules, Actions, Widgets

August 2022

We are excited to share the latest updates that have appeared on QuintaDB online application creation service! We've been hard at work improving some of the tools and adding a lot of options that users have asked us for.

List of updates:

New application templates
Portal updates
Search by portal users in a group
New QuintaDB API Features
New functions for newsletters and notifications
New task for the "Action" field
Update for "Record Owners"
Update for "Subform"
New options for Pie Chart
Updating the "Files" module
Widgets updates
Redirect to record page after editing
Form submit button
Search updates
New functions for working with the table
New PDF export options
New option for "Radio button"

New application templates

Books & Reviews - organize your physical bookshelf.
Shopping list - organize your shopping list.
Crypto tracker - online app with Cryptocurrency data dashboard and real-time notifications.
Health records - track your patients medical records and associate them with conditions and doctor visits.
Customer analysis - structure your customer database and identify your most valuable customers

You can install these and other application templates for free on the Applications page.

Portal updates

Now you have the option to use the portal user data as the default value for the field. Thus, when a user adds a new record to the database, some fields will be pre-filled with values that are taken directly from the user's account.
Default value
To provide more flexible access rights, we have added a new "Read and Edit" role for portal users and user groups. If you set this role, the user will be able to view and edit records, without the ability to delete or add new ones.
Read and edit role
A new option has been added for the Relationship field: Show 'Add' link in portal (enabled by default). By disabling this option, portal users will not be able to add new records through the associated form in the popup window, even if they have access. To enable or disable the option, open the field settings edit page and go to the "Relationship settings" tab:
Show 'add' link in portal

Search by portal users in a group

Search for users by group became available in the portal. You can use the search if there are 5 or more users in the group.
Search by users

New QuintaDB API Features

You can always extend the capabilities of your application using the QuintaDB API. Recently, we have added new queries, such as: updating and deleting selected or all records, performing actions through api. You can read more about this update in this article.

New functions for newsletters and notifications

Now, using newsletter automation, you can set the exact date for the launch of the mailing. To do this, just select the appropriate item when you creating or editing a task:
set the exact date for the launch of the mailing
We have added the ability to insert a link to perform "Actions" for all types of E-mail and SMS notifications. We are sure that you will find many ways to use this new feature in your business processes. You can see a detailed example of using the link to launch an action by this link.
Link to launch the action

New task for the "Action" field

The Action field now has a new task: "Open Form or URL". After performing the action, you can open the specified URL or open the form of the current application. In addition, you can pass parameters to prefill the fields of the opened form. 
Open Form or URL

Update for Record Owners

For the Record Owners field, we have prepared several improvements:
  • Values from the Record owners column can be used with passing parameters, including webhooks;
  • You can set the record owner using the Action field;
  • You can use record owner in Formulas and Scripts;
  • Added new search by record owner criterion: "is not";
  • Added the ability to group by record owner.

Subform updates

Now, when you filling out the main form, Conditional Actions are also launched from all added subforms.
A new option: Show column names in table header is added in the Subform field settings . If you activate it, the subform columns names will be displayed only in the table header.

Show column names in table header

Percentages and values on a Pie chart

Now you can display values and percentages on a Pie chart. They can be displayed both on the diagram itself and on hover. The options can be activated in the Chart Module, in the "Settings" tab.
Pie Chart

Updating the "Files" module

Now for the Files module, statistics and a backup files are available. To make a backup, go to the Files module and call the context menu:

Statistics and a backup of files
To restore files from a backup, open the side menu on the left and select Restore files. Please note that files will not be restored if they are in the "Trash".
Restore files

Widgets updates

At the request of many users, we added the ability to use the design of the Form/Table/Report widgets in the Customer portal with authorization enabled.
widget design in portal
First you need to customize the widget's appearance in the "Design" tab in the Form widget or Table widget menu. You can activate the "Use widget's design" option in the portal's "Menu".
Activating the "Use Widget's Design" option
The following design settings apply:

Form Widget
  • Fonts
  • Name and Description
  • Labels
  • Borders
  • Submit button
  • Form Width
  • CSS file
Table/Report widget
  • Colors
  • Fonts
  • Name and Description
  • Margins
  • Header
  • Borders
  • Links
  • CSS file
Please note: this option does not affect on field level access.

Redirect to record page after update

The option to enable/disable redirect to the record page after editing has been added for the Table/Report Widget. By default, the redirection to the record view is enabled. To disable this option, open the Table widget menu and click on the "Edit" icon. On the next page, you can change the name of the link and the "Edit" system column and enable or disable the Redirect to the record page option.
Redirect to record page after update

Form submit button

Now you can not only change the name of the form submit button, but also completely hide it. This can be handy as another way to close a form for filling out, or if you use the form just for calculations. Leave a comment below this post if you are interested in learning how to create an advanced online calculator using formulas and functions based on a web form, and we will definitely prepare instructions.
To hide a button on a form, go to the Form Builder and click on the Edit button name button:
Submit button editing


Search updates

Now you can change the location of a message after searching in the "Records" menu and in a portal with authorization enabled. You can change the alerts position in the Table Widget menu, "Search" tab.
Alerts position

New functions for working with the table

1. Added new option: Refresh page on update (enabled by default). If you leave the option enabled, the page will be updated with the new values each time you edit the data in the table.
2. Added the ability to change the width of the columns using the drag and drop method for the internal tables of the Subform and Linked records.
New functions for working with the table

New PDF export options

Now you can set up PDF export for a single record. To do this, go to the "Records" menu and select "Export" - "Export Settings".
Also, it became possible to export images to PDF, if a link points to it.
Export to PDF settings

Empty value for Radio button field

For the "Radio button" field, it is now possible to select an empty value. To do this, open the field editing page and select the default value: Nothing selected.
Radio button field settings

Earn with QuintaDB

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We look forward to seeing you enjoy all the improvements and take full advantage of the various new features included in this major update!