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September Updates. Night theme, New project templates, Image export and more

September 2020 updates

- Dark theme (Night mode)

Many users have already noticed the new icon in the "Account" menu.

If you click on it, you will switch the service to the Dark (Night) theme, which looks amazing, in our opinion!

Dark theme is a power-saving and cuts harmful "blue light". It reduces eye strain and makes it easier to work in low light.

- Increase text size

Next to Night mode, is an Increase text size icon.

This function will allow to scale the text and can be useful for visually impaired users:

- New project templates

We are planning to add new, advanced project templates. These templates can be a starting point to start creating own projects.

The first template is already available on the Create a project page. This is a "Pizza order form" template.

You will find detailed instructions how this project was created by this link.

We are planning to add new templates in the near future. Send your project ideas for templates to kari@quintadb.com. Subject: "Project template".


- Upload and delete files in Records and Subform using QuintaDB API

Read guide by this link.


- "All Reports" tab

Upon a user request, we've added a new tab in the "Records" menu - "All reports".

This tab is also available to the Customer Portal and Team users (access to reports is required).

This is how the tab looks for portal users:

- Export images and url links to PDF

We've added two new options for PDF export. Now you can export pictures and action links to PDF document.

Click on the "Export", "Records" menu and select "Export Settings".

On the next page, activate the options:

- New access rights role to Portal and Team users

"Read, edit and delete records" role will restrict the ability to create new records. In this case, the user will be able to read, edit and delete records.

- Custom icons on tabs (Favicon)

We've added the ability for the user to change the Favicon icon for the tab (projects, widgets, databases, modules).

Go to your account page and click in this area:

After uploading the image, you must click on the "Save changes" button.

This feature is available to all paid plans.


- Conditional Formatting new features

Now you can change the font and its size in the formatting settings.

- "Time" editing in the table

Now you can edit the "Time" column in the table.

You must activate the "Enable in-place editing in table" option for the field or table.


- Number of records per page

The control for changing the number of records per page was moved from the side menu under the table, next to the pagination.

Please note: these controls appear when there are more than 5 records in the table.


- System columns in Record Widget and E-mail Templates

You can use system columns in E-mail notifications and Record Widget templates.

- Layout Choices to Radio button (Relationship field)

You can choose how to arrange the values. Vertical or Horizontal.

- Input field with autocomplete for Search form

New option "Show as autocomplete in the Search form" for the Relationship field.

You can find it on the field editing page, "Relationship settings" tab.

- New languages

The service became available in Hebrew, Turkish and Greek.