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December Update. Image Gallery, Update record using Conditional actions, File export and more

About first winter update

- Check out new video about Action field. And subscribe to our YouTube channel to see new videos first!

- Image Gallery

Now you can view, switch and download images to your device in popup window:

 Open the Image Settings tab on the field editing page and enable the Open in popup window option (enabled by default).

- New feature for the Conditional actions module

We added the ability to Update record using actions. For more information, read the article.

- Improved the Field Rules module

  • Now you can add several conditions for the Field rule, which allows you to create a more flexible and dynamic web form.

To do this, just click on the "+" icon:

  • File, Linked Column and Formula fields now supported as criteria (if the make the field visible in the form function is enabled).
  • More convenient and compact interface. Now you can clone the rules:

Read more about Field Rules here.


- Improved File Export

We have changed the File Export system. Now you can get an archive with files that contain the original names without id fields from the table:

IMPORTANT. To save a form's Files backup, you need to:

Go to the "Forms" menu.
Select the tile and click on the context menu icon.
Select the "Backup files" option.
You will receive the archive to your e-mail address.

- Subforms update

  • Now you can use the parent form fields in a child form as a Linked column;
  • Subform field level access have become available for Portal and Team users;

  • You can show/hide Subform table columns in the Table Widget;

  • Now you can perform a Search by the Subform table columns;

  • Also, you can show/hide and adjust the Search criteria for the Subforms table columns in the Search Widget;

- Scrolling forms to a required field

- Now you can sort Grouped data in ascending or descending order

- Search results and search parameters are saved in a table

You will find the link at the top, after updating the page. Click on it to see the previous search parameters:

You can change them and perform a new search.

- The Customer Portal's administrator now has access to user's Sign-ins log

You need to open the user's account page and click on the link below:

- We've added Subforms support via API

Read more in API docs


- The Password change page

We have added the "Change Password" link on the Account page. Click that link to enter your current password followed by the new password.

- Forms cloning was improved

- Some bugs and errors was fixed